Madam Corbet Abernathy C.D.
photographed by Lisa Kessler 
As time drew nearer to say farewell, 
It became quite clear that I could not dwell
On the words to share our sorrow with friends, 
So we were alone with our pain at the end
Of a life filled with laughter, love and play.
You were the teacher we cherished each day.
You taught us to train with a loving hand,
And you reigned supreme over our small, Golden clan.
No Champion nor OTCH would you become,
You suffered cataracts, dysplasia and then some.
But intelligence you possessed and character you held
Along with our hearts in that body so frail.
So the tribute I pay to you this fall,
(As I gaze at your photos which grace the wall)
Is without you Corbet, there'd be no Rycroft at all! 
 Morningsage Rycroft Whitney-5 pts.                Amberac Rycroft's Risque-"Racy"-4 pts
Rycrofts Viva Terlingua-"Chili"                            Rycroft Gold-Sun Bandera-"Bandy"
Morningsage Rycrofts Impulse-"Piper"    Highmark Swthrt Of Th Rodeo-"Annie"-4 pts
Rycroft's Little GTO





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