The Rycroft story began in 1979 when young newlyweds discovered a newspaper ad offering a 12-week-old golden retriever for sale in Snyder, Texas.  Mike and I drove the short distance, fell in love with the puppy and her parents, wrote a check and brought her home.  Little did we know that she would completely change the direction of our lives. 


Unaware of the need for clearances, the wide world of dog sports or even how to name a puppy,  we gave Corbet a ridiculous pet name. However, she lived an extraordinary life in a body wracked with genetic defects.  We've posted her memorial in the Memories section on this site.


As our awareness of the world of dogs expanded, we began obedience classes and Corbet earned a C.D.  We added Beau to our family and decided to show him in conformation and obedience.  He earned a point and a C.D., and further expanded our awareness of the importance in "doing our homework" before buying a puppy.  By joining the GRCA, thoroughly reading the club's periodicals and talking to breeders, we finally, added a golden of sound body to our family. 


Dixie earned a championship, and, later, a CD, becoming our only dual-titled dog.  Obedience then took the back burner to conformation due to job demands and time constraints.  What followed was a host of lovely goldens who graced our lives for years and we are forever hooked on the breed and the sport.  


Changes in Mike's job, the aging of our large golden family and some unexpected health issues forced us into a hiatus that neither of us wanted.  A decade passed and our golden family dwindled, as did the health issues and job demands.  Thankfully, Barbara Bennett and Madonna Potter bred Glory to our Riley, via frozen semen, and graced us with Chilly and her brother, Riley, "Jr."  Now, we're back and having as much fun as before.  Join us on our journey.  



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